39800mah Car Jump Starter

Multifunctional emergency starter: The battery capacity of this emergency starter is 39,800mAh, compatible with gasoline vehicles with engines below 6.0L and diesel vehicles with engines below 4.0L (4.0L), and the engine can be started about 40 times. Not only can it be used for automobiles, but it can also be used for forced starting of motorcycles, motor boats, light tigers, etc. In addition, functions such as LED lights, wireless charging, and car emergency escape hammers are all concentrated in this product, which can be used as an engine start support, as a disaster prevention tool for typhoons, earthquakes, fires, etc.

3.0 Fast charging wireless output: It can charge smartphones, which is equivalent to a large-capacity mobile power supply. It supports USB output and wireless output, as long as the device that supports wireless charging is placed on it, it can be charged, which is super convenient. It can also quickly charge tablets and other devices. Compatible with smartphones with wireless charging, iPhone, Samsung and more
(Ultra-low temperature operation) The car engine starter has waterproof, dustproof design, temperature protection, and temperature intelligent control functions, and can be used in severe cold areas. Guaranteed operating temperature from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C). Withstands harsh environments and performs well in cold mid-winter/hot summer.

LED Lights, Safe in Emergency Situations: Features 5 Lighting Modes: White Steady, White SOS, Red Steady, Red and Blue Strobe. High-brightness LED lighting makes it easy for you to find things in the dark car, or work in places where the power supply is inconvenient. Can be used in various situations such as outdoors, emergency signals, emergency lighting, and even at night
Package content: car battery 39800 mAh start-up power supply x 1, battery clip x 1, 3-in-1 cable, manual x 1 adapter x 1, color box or toolbox x 1.
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