Car Jump Starter Power Bank

22000mah Multifunction Emergency Mini Jump Starter 12V Portable Battery Booster Car Start Jumpstarter Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Specification of OKOELEC Car Jump Starter Power Bank:

1. Material: ABS
2. Size: 17.5x85x40mm
3. Weight: 539g
4.Battery capacity:22000mah
5.Battery type:3 cells lithium battery pack
6.Dual USB 5V 2A
7.Input 12V 1A
8.Peak current 1200A
9.Fast charge:Type-C port


1. Portable car emergency starter peak 1200A for most vehicles.
2. 22000mAh boot power bank (really 12000mAh), with fast charging dual USB ports, can backup 2 devices at the same time, suitable for mobile phones, tablets, MP3, MP4, etc.
3. 7-phase anti-overcharge, overheating, overvoltage, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, overcurrent, safe to use.
4. Equipped with LED flashlight for outdoor emergency lighting, the display shows the remaining battery power and voltage
5. Suitable for diesel vehicles below 12V 3.5L and gasoline vehicles below 12V 5.0L.

Package includes:
1 emergency starter
1 battery clip
1 USB cable
1 storage bag


Packing & Delivery
Trading packing specifications:
A standard set G/W 0.98kg,

20 pieces/carton
Carton size 50*40*40CM.

Carton weight: 22kg
Product name

22000mah car jump starter power bank

Rated current


Peak current



Dual USB 5V 2A


12V 1A

Cycle life

3000 times


Short circuit proof,over charge proctection and discharge protection


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