RP Series Inverter

RP series inverter toroidal 6kw 48v true pure sin dry contact communication port 3000w 4000w 5000w 6000w pure sine wave inverter charger

RP Series Inverter 1KW-12KW

Inversion priority mode:

(1)In case of normal battery voltage, the inverter operates under inversion mode and load power is
supplied by battery inversion ;
(2)the system automatically switches to battery-powered mode if the battery is fully charged by solar energy or wind Energy through controller.
(3)the battery can also be charged when inverter operates under electric supply mode, which is determined by mode Setting of charging current. the charging current can be 0 A if charging is unnecessary.

Electric supply priority mode:

(1)In case the load is powered by electric supply, the electric supply has to pass input protection device,And filter before supplying power to load in order to ensure power stability. it can be also charge the battery(determined By charging mode)
(2)in case of outage or abnormity of electric supply, the system automatically switches to battery-powered mode
(3)in case electric supply is normal ,the system automatically switches to electric supply mode to supply power to load.

Features of RP Series Inverter:

1.Pure sine wave inverter.

2.Output power factor 1.

3.Selectable high power charging current.

4.Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers.

5.Configurable AC/Battery input priority via LCD setting 6.Configurable power saving mode via LCD setting.

7.Compatible with generator power.

8.Dry contact port for generator to realize mutual control by generator and utility.

9.Auto restart while AC is recovering.

10.Overload and short circuit protectionSmart battery charger design for optimized battery performance.

11.Cold start functionSmart fan running control to extend service life and reduce noise.

12.Color LCD displaySupports the use lithium batteriesWave by wave phase detection, more stable and reliable.

13.RS232 communicate port and Remote control panel optional.


toroidal inverter

pure sine wave inverter for sale

RP inverter
Remote control switch or remote control display optional

remote control

Product name

RP Series Inverter

Rated power


Inverter type

Off grid low frequency toroidal inverter

Charger function


Dry contact


Remote control

Standard no remote control function,if you need,please contact us to choose remote control switch or remote control display

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    High quality inverter,I like it so much,thank you!

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